Which categories of tourism are there?

Tourism is one of the most important human activities in the world. It consists of the movement of people from their place of living to another place for less than a year. When people decide to travel for touristic reasons, their purposes of travel could be however different. According to those purposes, tourism can be classified into many categories. Here are some of them.

Cultural tourism

The purpose of this kind of tourism is to satisfy cultural, intellectual or religious curiosity. It consists of the visitation of ancient sites or monuments and places of historical or religious importance. The motives of sightseers performing this kind of tourism is to attend cultural events or perform some rites. Its most important benefit is education.

Health tourism

Health or medical tourism is all motion of people aiming for medical treatment not available, not-licensed or very expensive at home. In fact, the level of technology, the prices of interventions and even laws are different from one place to another. So, by medical sightseeing, people get the proper treatment that they need.

Sport tourism

When people leave their living place to participate or to observe a sporting event, they are performing sport tourism. It means that players and fans who attend a sporting event are both sport tourists. Sport tourism is a fast-growing category of global tourism.

Recreational tourism

Recreational tourism is any travel performed out from one’s place, generally to beautiful and exotic destinations, to evacuate stress. The main purpose of this tourism is to spend good time alone or in good company in order to restore physical or mental strength. It is the most common and massive category of tourism.


This category of tourism is regarded as a green sightseeing and consists of the visitation of unadulterated environments. Its objectives are to minimize the impacts of tourism and improve the well-being of local people.