What tourism jobs are there?

The number of people travelling for touristic purposes is increasing year by year. In the fifties we can count only a few millions of people leaving their place to visit others. But today, some decades later, they estimate this number to more than a billion. This situation is a blessing for job creation and the local economies. For those in need of jobs in a visited area, here are three opportunities you can have in this industry.

Travel agent

It is the prime job in the industry of tourism. If the place where you are living is a tourist attraction, you can serve as a travel agent. You can use your knowledge of the region at the service of sightseers. For that, you need to have some specific skills. You should be able to plan and book trips for the tourists who will be on your charge. It means that it’s up to you to organize all the activities that they can perform. You should also book the means that they would use for their transport, the places where they’ll stop, and the hotels where they’ll sleep. Your job is to help your customers to have a good experience of their trip.

Tour guide

One of the most exciting jobs in the industry. For the tourist who will come to the visit, the tour guide gives guided tours. It means that you should know many things about what the tourists are interested in. Museums, natural features, historic sites, and all places of interests should have no secrets for you. To create a positive atmosphere and inform properly, you should have great communication skills. Since the visitors may come from various corners of the globe, you need to speak several languages.

Tour operator

The tour operator is the person who prepares itineraries for the destinations. He travels and selects the popular destinations for the visitor. The tour operator is in active contact with various professionals of the domain, including the travel agent. Coordination skills and passion are the most needed qualities of this service provider.